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New Bridge / 2" overlay the following year

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Do you have a good solution for a new Bridge w/ 2" overlay the following year

A: Could we build the bridge approach section at 34” the first year?


B: Could we place a steel plate with a 2” offset below the bolts into the bridge where the 5 bolt pattern is.

then remove the following year when the overlay is placed

  • Approach Guardrail Transitions
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Date March 7, 2016


On new construction, it would seem reasonable that one could install a concrete buttress with two different anchor patterns for the five end shoe bolts or studs, which allow for a 2” height adjustment. Some consideration could be given toward mitigating vehicle engine hood/quarter panel snag on the end of the new buttress after the approach thrie beam is lowered by 2” after one year of service. As such, there could be a downward slope or taper to reduce snag on the concrete corner. I like this option more than option A.


There also could be an option where a steel plate is used to make the switch, similar to the options discussed last winter.


Date March 8, 2016

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