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Use of flared, non-blocked, MGS

State IL
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Is it acceptable to flare the
non-blocked MGS?  If so, do we use the same guidance as for the MGS with
blockouts?  I don’t find any mention of this in the report or in the
consulting questions.

  • Guardrail
Other Keywords MGS, flare rate, flared, non-blocked
Date April 5, 2016


MwRSF has never evaluated a flared, non-blocked, MGS installation.  Both the flared MGS and non-blocked MGS illustrated significant increases in vehicle snag, rail loading, and vehicle instability when evaluated as independent systems.  If the two were combined into a single system, these negative characteristics may further increase to unsatisfactory levels.  So, without further evaluation, we do not currently recommend installing a flared, non-blocked, MGS.

Date April 5, 2016

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