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MGS Thrie Beam AGT with Curb

State OH
Description Text I have a question about our MGS-3.1 Bridge Terminal Assembly, Type 1 that I hope you can answer. The standard drawing states that “Where curb must extend upstream of Post No. 11 for drainage purposes, an extra 12’6” panel of 12 gauge w-beam must be nested prior to the transition (upstream of Post No. 13). This added component shall be included as incidental to the cost of the BTA.”


Is this still required if the curb is asphalt and not concrete? The Ohio Turnpike constructs concrete curb from structures to BTA post 11 and then changes to asphalt.
  • Approach Guardrail Transitions
Other Keywords Curbs
Date September 15, 2015


The need for the nested rail section is based on additional loading of the rail due to the curb geometry affecting the vehicle as it impacts the barrier. Thus, the material that the curb is constructed of should not make a difference, and the nested section should still be required for an asphalt curb section.


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Date September 21, 2015

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