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Short Radius Questions

State WI
Description Text Here are some questions I have about the short radius.

When we indicate that there is a radius in our plans, how accurate should be the radius (nearest ft, 2 ft 5 ft quarter of an inch)?

As I look at the FHWA drawings, it appears that there are two cables shown. One being 9’ long and no information about the other cable.

1. Am I looking at this wrong?
2. Is the other cable just a standard BCT cable (see attached)? I have done some searching around and have not had much luck in finding that cable labeled.

  • Bullnose Median Barrier & Short Radius
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Date October 19, 2015
Attachment cable barrier question.pdf


(1)    Radii accuracy are dependent on construction tolerance etc. There is some leeway for radii between 8 and 16 ft, but whatever leeway you give you will end up stretching the rail a bit if the radius isn’t close because you won’t get the rail to exactly 90 degree turn. I think your tolerance is more on your rail curvature, so the total radius tolerance might be nearest foot, maybe less.

(2)    The second cable he described is a normal BCT cable.

Date October 19, 2015

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